Mylonas Maligouzia Mandalria Rose 2017


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Appearance: Bright pale salmon colour. Aroma: Intense aromas of spring flowers, red fruit and hints of mineral notes. Mouth Feel: Rich aromas on the palate accentuated by crispy, fresh notes and a spicy aftertaste. Food Pairing: Accompanies salads, white meat such as poultry and rabbit, mixed fried vegetables, fried fish, shrimp or lobster pasta, traditional Greek dishes such as shrimp saganaki, stuffed tomatoes, green beans, beef stew with orzo pasta.
Category Rosé Wine
Country Greece
Brand Mylonas
Alcohol/vol 12.5%
  • wa90

Wine AdvocateThe 2017 Rosé Malagousia - Mandilaria is an 80/20 blend, dry and coming in at 12.5% alcohol. I'm not sure why this winery wants to keep producing so many wines with odd eucalyptus and resin-like aromatics and flavors atypical of the grapes (see the discussion under the Savatiano this issue). Malagousia, for instance, does just fine with its own character and wonderful aromatics. In any event, the rest of this is firing on all cylinders, and I can't help but admire it. Reasonably concentrated for the category, tightly wound and rather spicy, this finishes well, dry, serious and fairly complex. The red fruits (no doubt from the Mandilaria) occasionally state their case too. Overall, this is gorgeously constructed. You'll have to decide whether you like the special difference mentioned in flavor and aromatics.

Mark Squires, June 29, 2018